Yang Family Tai Chi

Tai Chi - Yang Family Traditional Form

Classes run on a Wednesday Evening at 7.30pm and Friday Morning at 11.00am

1 hour • £6.00 per Session.

Tai Chi also known as Taiji.    English TranslationSupreme Ultimate 

Although Tai Chi is originally a martial art it is mostly practiced in the west as a Chinese exercise for health.  The benefits of Tai Chi are enhanced balance, co-ordination & flexibility.  Tai Chi also helps to build core muscles.  It is classed as moving meditation and helps to calm the mind whilst working to your own comfort zone and your own pace at all times. 


I am available to do private sessions for people who can't travel or prefer the sessions to be in the privacy of their own home or gardens.  Please contact me for availability & pricing. 

I am also available for group workshops

Here are a few of the group sessions I have done. These classes are based on An Introduction to Tai Chi basis.

Derbyshire County Coucil - International Women's Day. 

Derby University - Students Away Days.

South Wingfield School - Working with Teachers on their Teacher Well Being Day. 

South Wingfield School - Working with Children on their Week of Well Being.

Weight Watcher & Slimming World Groups offering different options of exercise regimes. 

I have also worked with childrens groups such as Brownies.

Push Hands - Tuishou

Tai Chi.jpg

Partner Form - Sanshou

Tai Chi.jpg

Tai Chi 67 Sword Form

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Tai Chi Classes are held at:

Riddings Community Cente, Riddings Park, West Street, Riddings, DE55 4EW