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Reiki Practitioner Training

Learn how to use the energy to heal yourself and friends family & pets.

Reiki 1st Degree - Attuned to heal yourself, your family & your friends.         Reiki 1st Degree  £150


Reiki 2nd Degree - Attuned to Practitioner level.                                                    Reiki 2nd Degree £350

Contents: Second Degree Reiki Syllabus & Case Studies, Guidelines for the Second Degree Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Principles, Affirmations, The Reiki Symbols, Procedure for using Second Degree Reiki, Procedure for Distant Healing, Creative use of the symbols, The 15 Minute Treatment,

Guidelines for practising Reiki professionally, Lineage

Reiki 3rd Degree - Attuned to Master level.                                                              Reiki 3rd Degree  £450

Master Teacher Level - Become a teacher of Reiki.                                                Reiki Master Teacher   £750 

(Master Teacher Level can be incorporated with 3rd degree Reiki)

Tarot Card Reading

Introductory Course in Tarot Reading.                                                                      Full Course    £150

1. The Major Arcana - The Journey of Life.

2. The Minor Arcana - The Suits.

3. Introduction to Numerology.

4. The Court Cards.

5. The Spreads

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