Hypnotherapy Diploma Training

This Hypnotherapy course complies with the World Federation of Hypnotherapists’ standards and exceeds the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum requirements (www.general-hypnotherapy-register.com/hypnotherapy-training-standards). It will be necessary to do home study. Resources will be provided and suggested.

It consists of 8 modules below and at least 120 hours of guided practice (weekend workshops normally once a month, week long workshops are available for a speedier qualification). The cost of the course is £1600. You may pay by module or receive a discount for paying the full.

After completion of each workshop module and the requested homework the final exam and thesis must also be completed. This final exam is to be completed as home study over a period of three month.

After successfully completing the course you will be awarded a Diploma in Hypnotherapy – Dip. Hyp, with entitlement to use these letters after your name on stationery and advertisements. You will also be automatically enrolled as a member of The World Federation of Hypnotherapists, with the entitlement to use the additional designations: MWFH, MSHA (Member of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists; Member of the Society of Hypno-Analysts)


Here is the link to the World Federation of Hypnotherapy Website:   http://www.w-fh.co.uk/


Contact me for a prospectus. 

Reiki Practitioner Training

Learn how to use the energy to heal yourself and friends family & pets.

Duration varies for each degree. 

Reiki 1st Degree - Attuned to heal yourself, your family & your friends.         Reiki 1st Degree  £100

Reiki 2nd Degree - Attuned to Practitioner level.                                                    Reiki 2nd Degree £250

Reiki 3rd Degree - Attuned to Master level.                                                              Reiki 3rd Degree  £350

Master Teacher Level - Become a teacher of Reiki.                                                Reiki Master Teacher   £450 

(Master Teacher Level can be incorporated with 3rd degree Reiki)

Tarot Card Reading

Introductory Course in Tarot Reading.                                                                      Full Course    £100

1. The Major Arcana - The Journey of Life.

2. The Minor Arcana - The Suits.

3. Introduction to Numerology.

4. The Court Cards.

5. The Spreads