Qi Gong Eighth Silken Brocade & Meditation

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QI Gong         



2pm -3pm 

6pm - 7pm

1 Hour - £6.00 per Session


Qi Gong - Pronounced Chee Gong

Qi Gong - Chi Cultivation 

Qi -  Energy, Air, Vital Essence, Breath of life

Gong - Work, Achievement, Self Discipline, Mastery

Qi Gong is ideal for any fitness level as the exercises can be done from a sitting position as well as standing. You work to your own comfort zone at all times so if any of the moves are uncomfortable or difficult you can choose to go back to sitting or standing Wu Ji enhancing the flow of Qi and health benefits around your body until the next move. 

Like Tai Chi, Qi Gong is a discipline whose practice allows you to control, Strengthen or Cultivate the Qi energy and life force that runs through the body. 

It is a form of exercise and meditation. 

Qi Gong is a way of cultivating Qi energy. Using gentle movements and breathing techniques to promote harmony and balance in the body. 

Qi Gong is a technique that can be done in a sitting or even lying position and is ideal for everyone including people with disabilities.